Paws For Cause


We are thankful to have been part of this project for Paws Pet Resort. Construction was completed in February 2018 for the owners, and the business has been very successful from its opening day! Paws Pet Resort sets the tone for The Market @ Grand Prairie and we look forward to other complimentary businesses in this development. 

Prior to our engagement in the project, the owner had developed a very specific business plan for a 'one-of-a-kind' pet resort. We were asked to join the team prior to the design process and provided assisitance in assembling the design team which included Architectural Constorteum of Minneapolis, MN (architectural and structural engineering), West Plains Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, and HVAC engineering), and Willadsen Lund Engineering (civil engineering). Our team also took the lead in securing the necessary zoning and conditional use permitting required to bring this vision to a buildable project. 

The design elements of Paws Pet Resort are truly striking, and the owner has created a luxury hotel-like atmosphere for their customer's pets. A very high standard was set in the design phase that kept the focus of all of the construction systems on the extreme importance of the health and cleanliness of the facility. This included the design and implementation of an HVAC system that could efficiently accommodate multipe air-exhanges in the entire building each hour of the day, providing for a very healthy (and odor free) environment. Those health and safety details are carried throughout the construction of this facility, and the owner is able to continuously clean and sanitize as their customers change on a day-to-day basis without loss of time. The owners requirements included water-proofing floors with decorative epoxy finishes and permanent room & wall finishes that will survive the continuous wet cleaning process that is ongoing in the business operations. Beyond the functionality of the building, the owner's personal decorative touches on the building are truly remarkable. 


From the owners at Paws Pet Resort:

It all started with a dream—a calling from God that nudged us toward doing more. 

We wanted to create a business that would be about more than simply making money.  We wanted a business that could generate a steady stream of income that could be given to charity. After a few years of planning and a lot of prayer, Paws Pet Resort became a reality. 

Paws Pet Resort donates a portion of its proceeds to charitable organizations. The first is Mission Haiti, a Sioux Falls-based non-profit that holds a special place in our heart. The second organization is Partners World Wide, and the other two spots rotate quarterly. Any worthwhile organization is encouraged to apply for this spot. Learn more about each cause below!

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Thank you Paws Pet Resort team for allowing us to be a part of your vision - this project is truly one of our treasured acheivements.