We have the talent and experience to help you realize your vision. Because our streamlined services encompass property development, new and existing real estate transactions, and commercial or residential design and construction, you can be confident that your goals will be met efficiently and timely in order to maximize your long term investment value.

Harr and Lemme offers professional services for construction and development of land, neighborhoods, commercial/retail site selection, building development, office/business site selection, building construction, residential multi-unit construction, industrial and steel building services, as well as full custom home design and construction. 

Our focus is always on full satisfaction and honesty to the client. We pledge the full responsibility of our staff to the success and quality of your project. We believe it is our duty to the client to inform them of multiple options and methods available in order to allow them the opportunity to make financially responsible decisions. Combined with highly qualified engineering and architectural partners, we are capable of taking the lead to design and build for any client.